Aparigraha: Non-attachment, Non-possessiveness

Aparigraha- limit possessions to what is necessary or important.  Take only what is necessary. Do not to take advantage of a situation or act greedy. Only take what is earned; if we take more, we are exploiting someone else. Aparigraha also implies letting go of our attachments to things and an understanding that impermanence and change are the only constants.  We can enjoy and use luxuries in our lives, but Aparigraha teaches us to let go of things at a moment’s notice.

Things you can try to practice Aparigraha

Give something away

Let go of an idea or belief that inhibits your capacity to discover new ideas and experiences.

Prioritize how your time and energy is spent

Streamline and simplify one thing in your life

Affirmation for Aparigraha

I let go of collection possessions

I let go of clinging to people

I keep only what I need

My life is simple and streamlined

I am contented with little, attached to nothing

Journal Writing Exercises:

What times have you let go of attachments and were rewarded?

When have you manifested exactly what you needed?

What does it mean to possess something?

What does it mean to need something?

What are some of the objects, ideas, and beliefs that you possess?

Are there any possessions that you are particularly attached to?  What and why?

Yoga Posture for Aparigraha: Ardha Mandalasana or half circle posture.

From this posture, you can let go of your attachments through your outstretched arm.

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