Santosha – Contentment

Santosha is being content with what we have. Santosha means to be at peace within and content with one’s life through all kinds of circumstances. There is a purpose for everything. It means being happy with what we have rather than being unhappy about what we don’t have.  Santosh, is to live in the moment, to be present. Do not focus on what you should have done or what you expect to do. Just be here now.

In south India, instead of saying thank you, they say “santosha” meaning “I am content.”

Things you can try to practice Santosha

Make the most of a negative situation

Spend time in a place of contentment today (walk in nature, hold hands with someone you love)

Do something co combat stress, practice yoga or meditate

Look for ways this week to actively “choose peace” in your thoughts about yourself and others

Affirmation for Santosha

I am content with myself and my life

I am grateful for everything that happens to me

I maintain balance in the face of hardships

I am a lighthearted being

Journal Writing Exercises:

What percent of the time are you content with yourself and your life?

What undermines your contentment?

When have you remained centered in the midst of negativity?

List reasons to be grateful

Yoga Posture for Santosha: Virasana or the Hero posture.

This one is difficult. If you can sit in Virasana and find contentment, you learn that contentment is not always an easy place.

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2 Responses to “Santosha – Contentment”

  1. lausanetunors Says:

    A lot of of guys talk about this topic but you wrote down really true words.

  2. The Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga « 2nd Star To The Right Yoga Blog Says:

    […] Santosa: contentment […]

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