Free Your Feet and Spread Your Toes

Nice weather is finally rolling in here in PA.  It’s time to free your feet. My favorite warm weather foot wear are Yoga Sandals.

yoga sandals

Show off your pedicure and help the health of your feet.  Shoes are brutal to our toes.  Teach your toes to straighten out, support good foot health and reduce pain.

In yoga we try to spread our toes.  Many yogis use toe spreaders when they walk around the house to help train their tootsies and reverse the effects of toe cramping shoes.  My Favorite toe spreaders are ‘Pampered Toes‘ but pedicure toe spreaders work well too.  I love to wear ‘Yoga Sandals‘ in warm weather and get toe spreading benefits all day long!

Click Here for Yoga Sandal info

Yoga Journal Article:  Spread ‘Em

Gel Toes Spreaders on Amazon
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3 Responses to “Free Your Feet and Spread Your Toes”

  1. maryus Says:

    you toes are freaking long!

  2. Erik G Says:

    I am am over all a good guy who has a variety of interest, can be a bit of a perfectionist. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN INFATUATED WITH LONG TOES.
    If you are on the market as far as dating goes I would love to become better aquainted

  3. toemailer Says:

    Yoga toes are always welcome at toemail

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