Today’s Spirit Animal and Asana: The Blue Heron

I’m having a trying day today.  Nothing too horrible going on in my life, but there are a few crazy things happening that have gotten under my skin lately.  I went to the Reading Museum Park during my lunch break, to relax and find some peace.  I was lucky enough to see this majestic Blue Heron.
(at least I think it was a Blue Heron)
Animals offer guidance and help with the challenges of our daily lives.

The Blue Heron:

Herons are solitary animals that teach us to stand on our own.

They show us the wisdom of standing still.
Through them we learn patience to wait; what we need always comes to us.
Herons teach us to walk with deliberation.
Often standing on one foot, Herons show us balance.  They are power animals.
They help to awaken your soul.
They teach you to assert your self in the face of others discouragement.
The Heron brings self-reliance and helps you gain independence.

So today through the Blue Heron.  I will be strong, confident and I will assert myself.
Today I will find Peace and I will relish my ability to stand alone.

Every year I pick an asana or two to try and master by the end of the year.  Ironically, HERON POSE (Krounchasana) was on of my chosen postures to work on this year.

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