A Thankful Yoga Practice: Open your heart with gratitude and begin the Holiday Season with a Thankful Yoga Practice.

“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.” — The Hausa of Nigeria

Open your heart with gratitude and begin the Holiday Season with a Thankful Yoga Practice.

Begin by making a list (mental or physical) of 5 things that you are grateful for today.

As always, we will begin with a few minutes of Centering.

Come to a comfortable seated position:
Take a few slow full deep breathes, focus on your breathing,
Breathing In & Out.
Slowly fill your Belly, Ribs and Chest with air on the Inhale.
Slowly allow your Chest, Ribs and Belly Relax on the Exhale.

Begin to let everything from the outside world drift away and give yourself permission to here in this time, in this space.

Now, Bring your attention to your Heart Chakra, feel a warm healing glowing light enter your heart space.  Feel this light & energy fill your body, drawing this healing  into your entire being.

Bring  your attention on this light, and mentally say ‘Thank You’ to yourself for your 5 gratitude items…Say to yourself:

“Thank you, Spirit, today I am grateful for ____________.”

After you have given thanks, notice how you are feeling, take a few more slow, deep full breaths.

Here you can set an intention for your practice or use this healing affirmation that promotes gratitude:

“Right now, in this moment, I have enough.”

A Thankful Yoga Practice: Asanas

Ok, open your eyes we are ready to begin our Asanas.
Today, we will focus on ‘opening our hearts with gratitude.’
We will be focusing on back bends and forward folds:

Cat and Cow
Down Dog
Three Leg Down Dog
Dog at a Hydrant
Thread the Needle
Rag Doll

Mountain Pose (repeat Mantra or Intention)
“Right now, in this moment, I have enough.”

Sunflower Breath
Standing Quad Stretch Balance
Sun Salutation A with Low Lunges
Sun Salutation a second time with the One Legged King Pigeon Lunge Variation
Dancer’s Pose
Sun Salutation to Down Dog, Flip the Dog
Thread the Needle, Balance
Come to your belly
Half Frog Pose (Cobra with left knee bent, foot towards bottom, hold left foot with left hand)
Switch sides
Child’s Pose

Puppy, with Chest Expansion
Child’s Pose

Fore Arm Stand (feathered Peacock) (or repeat dolphin)
Child’s Pose

Cow Face Pose
Happy Baby
Knees to chest

(Repeat Mantra or Intention) “Right now, in this moment, I have enough.”
Relaxation:  ‘Thank You Life’ by Gary van Warmerdam

Thank you Life
by Gary van Warmerdam

Thank you for this breath
Thank you for this inhale; Thank you for this exhale
Thank you for this Life

Thank you Heart
Thank you for this pounding; Thank you for this pulsing
Thank you for this Love

Thank you feet
Thank you for this walk; Thank you for this run
Thank you for the Dancing

Thank you Eyes
Thank you for the Sunrise; Thank you for the Sunset
Thank you for all the Colors

Thank you Ears
Thank you for The Music; Thank you for the Rhythm
And Thank you for the Stillness

Thank you Hands
Thank you for the Caressing; Thank you for the Clapping
And Thank you for the Holding

Thank you Mouth
Thank you for the nourishment; Thank you for the Wine
Thank you for the Kisses

Thank you Nose
Thank you for the Flowers; Thank you for the Pines
Thank you for the Sniffles

Thank you Arms and Shoulders
Thank you for the Carrying; Thank you for the Burdening
And Thank you for the Hugging

Thank you Voice
Thank you for the Expression; Thank you for the Word
Thank you for the Gift of Creation

Thank you for this Day; Thank you for the Light
Thank you for the Stars; Thank you for the Night

Thank you Self
Thank you for the Laughter; Thank you for the Play
Thank you for You

Thank you for the Emotions
Thank you for the Joys; Thank you for the Tears and Sorrows

Thank you for the Richness
Thank you for the Abundance that is.
Thank you for the Abundance that is given.
Thank you for the so many experiences and so many things

Thank you for this Dance.

Thank you Life.


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