Pranayama-Breath Control

Pranayama Restraint of the prana or breath. Pranayama is composed of two Sanskrit words:

Prana-life force, or vital energy, and āyāma, to suspend or restrain the measuring, control, and directing of the breath.

Practice of pranayama  has been reported to be beneficial in treating a range of stress related disorders, improving autonomic functions, relieving symptoms of asthma, and stuttering. Pranayama techniques help with depression, develops a steady mind, strong will-power and sound judgment.

When you practice Pranayama, you are practicing Yoga

Yoga Breath – Abdominal breathing:  used throughout your Hatha Yoga Practice

Focus on your breath, breathing in and out
Slowly fill your
Belly, ribs and chest with air on the inhale
Fully empty your body of air as you exhale

Ujayii Breath – Sounding or Ocean Breath:  used throughout your Astanga or Flow yoga Practice

Pretend that you are going to fog a mirror, creating a throaty, airy sound in the back of your throat as you inhale and exhale.  This technique gets easier with regular practice. If you find yourself making a snoring or snorting sound, then you’re expending too much effort

Nadi SodhanaAlternate Nostril Breathing:  Brings Balance

Hold your index and middle fingers on your forehead at your 3rd eye. Use your thumb on the right side of your nose to block your nostril and your ring and little fingers on the left side.

In Through The Left (plug your right nostril – count of 4)

Hold (count of 4)

Out Through The Right (plug your left nostril – count of 4)

Hold (count of 4)

In Through The Right (count of 4)

Hold (count of 4)

Out Through The Left (plug your right nostril – count of 4)

Hold (count of 4)

Repeat (Start by doing three rounds, adding one per week until you are doing seven rounds)

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