Yoga for the New Year! Resolutions, Intensions, Creating a Practice Habit

The New Year is the perfect time for introspection; it’s a time to evaluate or lives and set goals for the coming year.

Perhaps it is finally time to start an early morning practice, or a 15-minute evening meditation.  Examine your life and set some intentions.

In Yoga an INTENTION is not a goal for the future.  An INTENTION is focused in the present moment.

A goal may be “I want to loose weight”
But your INTENTION maybe “I am eating healthy”

What are you looking for in your life?
Weight Loss? Wealth?  Stress Relief? Patience? Forgiveness?  Compassion?

Set your intention in the positive present.

I love myself
I am eating healthy
I have an abundance of wealth
I am relaxed
I have endless patience
I forgive___________________
I am a compassionate person

Remind yourself of your intention constantly.

Resolving to begin a new Practice habit?

Determine reasons why you want to develop a Practice (or anything else)
Health?  Flexibility?  Stress Relief? Blood Pressure?….

Just Begin!  This is so important; most people spend a lot of time getting the right clothes, music, equipment, ect the entire process becomes overwhelming.  The most important thing is to just begin!

Set a routine and to stick to it. (Research suggests it take 14 – 28 days to form a habit)

Remind yourself of your intention constantly, both on the Yoga mat and off.

Make if fun, find music you enjoy, practice with friends, or take a class.

Celebrate your victories!
Did you stick to your plan for a week?  YAY! You!, Are you able to touch your toes?  Hold an Asana longer? Congratulate yourself for doing your best.

Pick a Challenging Asana and perfect it in 2011

Try some Mood Improving INVERSIONS!

Learn about New Year Traditions for Love and Luck HERE!

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