Yoga for the Hips and Hams

Savasana for Centering

Neck Rolls

Active Bridge Pose

Knees to Chest

Eye of the Needle Pose & Twist (Both Legs)

Knees to Chest

Spinal Rolls


Down Dog

3 Leg Down Dog & Hip Opener (Both Sides)

Mountain – Recenter


*Sun Salutation A to Down Dog

Right Foot Forward…

Warrior 1

Lunge (one hand on each side of right foot)

Lift Right Arm into a Twist to the right (Remain up on toes)

Hands to floor, Drop Left Knee & Toes to floor

Modified Crescent Lunge (Keep hips sinking forward)

Bring hands to the floor on the inside of the right foot

Allow your right knee to the move out to the side, rolling onto the outside of the right foot-look up

Bring right knee back to center

Bring one hand to each side of the right foot (Modified Lunge)

Begin to shift Hips back, straightening the right leg

Lower hips to floor

Half Hero-Forward fold

Inhale-look up

Right Knee to HalfPigeon

Sleeping Pigeon

Come back to Half Pigeon

3 leg Down Dog

Dog at a Hydrant- look up

Down Dog

Feet to hands

Look Up

Standing Forward Fold

Inhale arms up

Mountain Pose

Repeat from * with Left leg forward.

Dancers Pose to

Figure Four Balance (Both Sides)

Come down into a Squat

Cobblers Pose

Rainbow Side Stretch

Cobblers Forward Fold

Seated Straddle

Forward Fold

Cobbler’s Pose

Cobbler’s Balance

Release Legs, windshield wipers


Reclined Hero

Hero Forward Fold

Release Legs, windshield wipers

Seated Forward Fold

Fish Pose

Lay Back

Happy Baby

Knees to chest

Twist (both Sides)


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