Pyramid Pose for Passover

Passover is upon us, it’s the day when god helps the Israelites escape Slavery in Egypt.

Pyramid Pose – Parsvottanasana (Standing Runners Stretch, Intense Stretch)

Begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Turn your Left foot out slightly, and step your Right foot forward (about the length of your normal stride).

*Hips remain square to your front leg.


As you Exhale fold forward out over your front leg.

Your hands can be reaching towards the floor, your hands can be on the floor, or you can bend your front knee slightly and place your hands above your knee

Hold for several breaths

Inhale come back to standing

Rotate feet so that your Left foot is now forward, and repeat from *

Variation:  Interlace your fingers behind your back and add a chest expansion when folding forward

Modified Pyramid Pose: (Kneeling Pyramid, Kneeling Runners Stretch)

Begin in a tall kneel

Extend your right leg.  Leg is straight toes are pointed up

Exhale and fold forward out over your right front leg

Hold for several Breaths

Repeat on the Left

Camel Pose – Ustrasana

Begin in a tall kneel, knees are hip width apart

As you exhale Slowly lean back into a Back Bend

Bring your hands to your heals and hold for several breaths

Your Drishti (eye gaze) is at the ceiling

Inhale and come back to a tall kneel

Variation: Try bringing your hands to your hips if your heels are too far away.  You can also try half camel, one hand to heel and other arm raised (each side).

Release from Camel Pose with Child’s Pose, hold for several Breaths.

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