My journey to stop shampooing, Log: Days 1-4

Day 1 (7.8.11)

Today is my first try with the Baking Soda & Vinegar mixture!

It was a bit weird not having lather and It’s hard to tell how much Baking Soda to use, but so far so good.
My hair rinsed so much cleaner with the baking soda.  My curly thick hair always seemed to hold on to shampoo, but the baking soda rinsed right out.

The vinegar was also good.  I used a squirt bottle and sprayed it in.  I combed through my hair, then rinsed.  My hair seems so much lighter today without the heavy conditioner weighing it down.

My hair seems to be air drying quicker and is super soft.

Today is humid and I think I will have a lot of Frizz as the day wears on, but so far, so good.
I was a bit worried about smelling like vinegar all day, but I asked several people to smell my hair (without telling them why 😉 I have great friends, no one thought it was a strange request).  No one mentioned a vinegar smell.

Frizz Level– high
Very humid, tinder storms. Temps in the 90’s
Day 2 (7.9.11)

Frizz Level
– medium
Temps in the 90’s, no rain
Used less baking soda paste to possibly help with frizz

Hair feels lighter and bouncier.  It air dries quicker.

Day 3  (7.10.11)

Frizz Level– low

I didn’t “shampoo” today, I generally like to clean my hair about every other day.
Temps in the 90’s, no rain

Day 4 (7/11/11)

Frizz Level– high
Temps in the 90’s hot and humid
Hair is definitely drying faster

See the Stop Shampooing Process

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