Hip Help with Pigeon Poses

Seated Centering

Torso/Hip rolls, press down on knees to anchor sitz bones (each direction)

Rainbow Side Stretch (each side)

Seated Eye of the Needle :  toe stretch and ankle rolls>
Lower legs to > Half Lord of the Fishes Twist (each side)

Table, wag tail, and allow hips to lower towards the floor

Down Dog
Left foot back, drop back knee, hip flexor stretch
Modified lunge, inner thigh stretch (each side)

Rag Doll, roll to mountain


Pigeon Flow
*Beginning of sun salutation A to Down Dog…
Down Dog, RIGHT Leg up > 3 leg Down Dog (7 breaths)
Dog at a hydrant  (3 breaths)
Right knee to Half Pigeon  (7 breaths)
Pigeon Cobra  (3 breaths)
Sleeping Pigeon  (7 breaths)
Twisted Pigeon  (3 breaths)
Hands to floor for half pigeon, curl Left toes under and step back to
Down Dog (3-5 breaths)
Step Right foot forward, then left
Lookup with a flat back
Fold Forward
Roll up to Mountain
Repeat from * with LEFT leg up in 3 legged Down Dog

Fig. four balance (forward fold)

Portrait pose legs  :  twist to each side & back bend (each side)

Cobblers Pose  :  Balance

Seated Straddle, Right knee bent, side stretch, backbend
repeat with left knee bent

Forward fold

Roll back to mat

Bridge :
*Eye of needle variation with Right leg up, lower hips
Cross leg twist
Reclining tree
Repeat from *

Full Bridge or wheel

Happy Baby

Inversion of choice


More Poses for Hips, Click Here

Click here for more Asanas for Ailments

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