Open House….Open Mind (Part 1 of 3)

Sunday, September 11, 2011 there was an open house at the shops in Gilbertsville on the corner of Route 100 and Grosser road.

The newest addition to these great shops is Thrive Yoga and Health Consulting, owner Sue Greenwald.  I happen to be teaching at this lovely yoga studio Thursdays at 7:15PM and every other weekend.  Check out a class, your first one is free!

The open house had special venders and guest along with the normal shops.  I had a lot of readings done and I met a lot of great people!

The open house ran from 11am – 3 pm), I arrived around 11:30am to a full shopping center!

After taking a sweep through all the shops, I stopped to chat with author Susan Marie Kelly.  I picked up am Autographed Copy of her Memoir “Spirits in the Living Room.”
I haven’t had a chance to read this book, but look for a review coming soon.

Next I went upstairs to the third floor for “Messages from the Other Side” by Cristina Leeson, Psychic/Medium.  Normally, she practices on the second floor in her Inner Light Holistic Center storefront.  Cristina, known for her radio show at WPAZ; 1370AM (Tuesday evenings 7PM), was offering free messages from 12-1pm.
I hurried in and grabbed a seat.  The room was packed, standing room only.  Everyone was handed a number (mine was #1).  Cristina then pulled numbers from a bag, lottery style.  She asked that everyone have a question ready.


She pulled names and answered questions.  She was a fun and lively performer.  The whole time, however, I was stressing about what my question should be.  Most people asked financial and/or career questions.  I’m pretty content in that area of my life and I have a good marriage and am in mostly good health.  My anxiety grew, so that by the time my number was called, I blurted out “I DON’T HAVE A QUESTION!!!!”  This received some giggles from the crowd, but luckily, Cristina took it in stride and said she already had some answers.

I should stop for a moment and describe myself in general and at this event.  My day job is as a photographer (and graphic designer).  By night, I am a yoga teacher.  I was filling both rolls at this Open House.  I was dressed like a Yoga Teacher and I was representing THRIVE  with a name tag stating that, but I was also holding my Camera.  I was hoping to document this event and generate interest in the shops in general and Thrive in particular.  I only mention that incase it led to what Cristina said to me.

Ok, so it was my turn, Cristina described me as being a jack-of-all-trades, having more than one occupation, always running around and filling a lot of different roles (definitely true).  She said that this was ok.  I am supposed to do a variety of things. This is the path I am supposed to be on.  She then asked it I am always late (I am not.  I hate lateness and generally make it a priority to be on time.  I told her, ‘no, I’m an on time person.’  She then said, well are you always leaving at the last second, doing one more thing before you get out the door? (Absolutely.  This is me to a T).  She instructed me to ‘Stay Focused.’ There were Spirits to help and guide me.  She told me to look to Archangel MetatronMetatron is an angel of wisdom, song and prayer.  He helps us to find proper measure for all we do.  He assists us in finding balance.   He helps us know when ‘enough is enough.’  He helps us recognize when we need to do more for ourselves. I said Meditron sounds like a Transformer.  Everyone laughed and my turn was over.

You can stream Cristina’s show HERE  or you can also catch past “Messages from the Other Side” podcasts on iTunes.

Look for Open House….Open Mind parts 2 & part 3

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