November 27th is Pins and Needles Day! Celebrate with Thread the Needle Poses!

In honor on Pins and Needles Day, try Thread the Needle Poses!

Thread the Needle from Table Pose

Come to Table Pose: hands and knees.
Wrist and Shoulders in alignment and Knees and Hips in alignment.  Top of feet flat

*Allow your weight to sink into your Right Hand,

Lift your Left Hand off the mat, Palm facing Up

Slide your Left arm under your right Arm

Allow your Left Shoulder and side of your head to come to the mat

Inhale and raise your Right Arm in to the air or

Bend your Right elbow, bringing your Right back of your Hand to your Left Hip

Repeat on the opposite side.

Thread the Needle from Child’s Pose

Come to Child’s Pose: Table, then push hips back onto your heels, arms extended, Then follow from ‘*’


Thread the Needle BALANCE           

From Table Thread the Needle Pose…

Thread the Needle ‘*’ then Lift Leg (if your right arm is raised, raise Left Leg)


Repeat on Opposite Side

Thread the Needle BALANCE with a Bind

Come into Thread the Needle Balance Pose

Bend the knee of your Right raised leg

Reach back with your Right Hand

Hold your Right Foot with your Right Hand (bind)

Press your Foot into your hand

Squeeze your shoulder blades together and

Turn your heart Chakra up

Drishti is to the ceiling

Repeat on the Left Side

More Calendar Theme Yoga Poses

More Table Poses Coming soon…. 

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