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Yoga Mudras : an introduction

December 29, 2011

In Sanskrit, Mudra means sign or seal, mark, gesture or attitude.

A Mudra is a symbolic or ritualistic gesture used to direct or seal in Prana (Life Energy).  Mudras are used in yoga with a specific purpose for physical or mental improvement.  They can change perception and attitude, and deepen concentration.

Yoga Mudras are gestures that lock and guide energy flow. Yoga Mudras affect the body’s energy system and the flow of prana (life energy).

Shiva is said to have started the tradition of using Mudras.  Mudras are in use all over the world in many different religions, cultures and arts.

Mudras are used to manipulate the flow of Prana.

Mudras are grouped in to Five categories:
Hasta (hand), Mana (head), Kaya (posture), Banda (lock) and Adhara (perineum- genital and anal areas).

Hasta are meditative Mudras, they keep Prana flowing back into the body

Mana (an important part of Kundalini yoga) they use the eyes, nose, ears, tongue and lips.

Kaya use postures and breath

Banda energizes the body

Adhara moves prana from the root area of the body to the brain

Each Finger has it’s own meaning and element:

Thumb =  agni (fire), the Universe – Parama-atman, associated with the abdomen and anxiety
Index = vayu (air),  the embodied self –  Jiva-atman, associated with the large intestine and depression
Middle = akash (ether), energy – Rajas, associated with the heart & circulatory system and impatience
Ring =  prithvi (earth), represents inertia – Tamas, associated with the gall bladder & liver, anger & resentment
Pinky =  jal (water), luminosity or benigness – sativa, associated with the kidneys and fear

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Chandra Namaskara B (Moon Salutation B)

December 6, 2011

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Inhale Arms up, Exhale fold forward, Inhale look up

Exhale, Step LEFT foot back into a lunge and drop your left knee, arms up, hands in prayer (modified Crescent lunge)

Exhale lower arms and step Right leg back into Down Dog

Inhale drop knees in Table (look up)

Exhale into child’s pose (balasana)

Inhale tall kneel, arms in the air (hips off heels)

Exhale child’s pose with elbows next to your ears and hands in prayer behind your head (Praying child’s pose) hold

Release your arms, palms to the floor

Inhale slide chest forward into upward-facing dog

Exhale into Down Dog

Inhale Left foot forward; drop right knee arms up (modified crescent lunge)

Step your right foot forward into a standing forward fold

Inhale look up, Exhale fold forward

Inhale back up into tadasana

Repeat on the other side.  One round of Chandra Namaskar B

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