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Color Therapy : What you wear can help your mood!

April 25, 2012

Need some Strength and Courage?  Are you trying something new?
Over come Negative Thoughts and Bring power and vitality into your life with the color Red.

Feeling Socially Awkward? Are your feeling down?  
Become socially confident, resourceful cheerful and enjoy relationships with Orange.

YELLOW: Are you having difficulty concentrating?  Are you feeling negative?
Become more optimistic and gain mental clarity with Yellow.

GREEN:  Are you anxious and stressed?
Bring balance, peace, stress relief, calmness,and hope with Green.

AQUA/TURQUOISE:  Feeling insecure and angry?
Come to a place of openness, confidence, and relaxation with Aqua/Turquoise.

BLUE:  Do you have too much stuff going on, need a creative boost?
Bring a sense of mental relaxation, peace, creativity with Blue.

INDIGO:  Does your imagination need a boost?  Have insomnia or difficulty understanding something?
 Spark feelings of  serenity, imagination, accurate perception, understanding and sleep with Indigo.

VIOLET/PURPLE:  Angry, anxious and irritated?
Feel inspired, calm nerves, creative and  beautiful with Violet/Purple.

MAGENTA:  Feeling uneasy and disquieted?
Find relaxation and balance your emotions with Magenta.

PINK:  Are you hungry and feeling aggressive?
Find calmness and relieve stress and suppress your appetite with the color Pink.











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Mudra for April : Bear Grip

April 4, 2012

The Bear Grip Yoga Mudra is used to help with concentration and stimulates the heart chakra and strengthens the heart.  Helps to bring intensity to your yoga practice.

How To:  
Bring your arms in front of your body at chest level.
Left palm facing out, thumb down.
Right palm faces in toward your body, thumb facing up.
Curl your fingers  to look like a Bear Claw
Hook fingers together.
Gently pull your elbows apart.

Use BEAR Grip MUDRA in the Sea-Saw Shoulder Stretch:
Bring your hands to Bear Grip Mudra
Relax your shoulders
Gently pull your arms in opposite directions (Don’t loosen your Bear grip)
Inhale, raise your right elbow (lower left elbow)
Exhale, raise your left elbow (lower right)
Continue sea-sawing your arms moving with your breath and increase speed
Practice for a few minutes

This is a great warm up for shoulders and helps relieve tension.
Read More about MUDRAS here

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