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Red Cowgirl Boots and what I learned from them.

January 24, 2013
  1. bootsI have been looking for Vegan Cowgirl Boots forever.
  2. I finally found a pair at Plasticland.
  3. Everyone looks at your feet when you are wearing Red Cowgirl Boots
  4. Red Shoes make you happy (I’ve actually believed this for years).
  5. When you only ever wear Converse Chucks or my one pair of  Toms even a small heel makes you feel like a giant.
  6. When you only normally wear Converse Chucks or my one pair of Toms and you put on a pair of Red Cowgirl Boots and you walk on non-carpeted floors you make a loud clomping noise. (View Video)
  7. I need to wear a thicker pair of socks with my Red Cowgirl Boots.
  8. My calves are large and my Red Cowgirl Boots can’t come up all the way.
  9. Because of my calves my Red Cowgirl Boots bunch up a bit at my ankles and I like them better that way.
  10. Red Cowgirl Boots are much warmer than my Chucks and Toms.

Today is Makar Sankranti; Celebrate with Kite Pose!

January 14, 2013

butterfly kiteMakar Sankranti (Sanskrit: Shankramana = to begin to move) is a Hindu festival celebrated by many people to celebrate the New Year.  Sankrant, usually celebrated on January 14 is based on the solar calendar (most festivals are based on the lunar calendar). Makar Sankranti is the day when the Sun enters and begins to ascend into the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun represents knowledge, spiritual light and wisdom. During Makar Sankranti we are reminded to turn away from the darkness of delusion, and begin to enjoy a new life.  Our bright inner light begins to shine brighter and brighter as we gradually grow into purity, wisdom, and knowledge.

Kite Festivals are a popular way to celebrate Makar Sankranti.

KITE POSE 1 – Patangasana
(this asana is basically Warrior 3 with airplane wings)


Begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose).

Take a step forward with your Right leg.

Raise arms next to your ears as you transfer your weight into your Right leg.

Lift your left leg off the mat, and slowly hinge forward from the hips.

Your raised leg, torso and arms should be parallel to the floor. Arms back to sides like airplane wings

Drishti (eye gaze) is out over your front fingers.

(Repeat with the Left leg forward)


KITE POSE 2 – Falling Star (aka Soaring Eagle)


Begin in 5-pointed star pose (legs 3-4 feet apart, arms at sides parallel to the floor)

Transfer your weight to your right leg

Hold for several Breaths

Return to 5 pointed Star

Repeat on the Left side

Makar Sankranti Blessing:
May the Makar Sankranti fire burn all the moments of sadness and bring you the warmth of joy, happiness and love”

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