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Pickles, Birthday Cake and The 5th Chakra

February 19, 2015

Yesterday it was my Birthday…..

chakraNumber5I began my 42 year of life with no voice (my 41 B-day was 2/18). I have laryngitis and an ear infection so, I also am having trouble hearing. I have never really lost my voice before. It’s an interesting experiment to try to not talk. I had to teach a yoga class yesterday while remaining silent. When I try to speak, just a horse, raspy whisper comes out and I am reminded that when I speak, I am just delaying my illness.

I had a sore throat (along with a nasty upper respiratory infection that that me at Urgent Care twice) that began on Feb. 6. I have been ‘voiceless’ for about a week. I keep trying out my voice and expecting it to be there. Back and stronger than ever, but only whispers come out.

I’ve tried everything from salt water gargling to pickle juice, but nothing is working. Yesterday in a fit of pickles
desperation I followed a friends advice. On my lunch break, I went our and bought a jar of pickles (I DO NOT LIKE PICKLES). She said “drink pickle juice, it works every time.”
I drank some, it didn’t work. Plus, I spilled it all over myself and my car while trying to swallow it.

In Yoga and Hindu tradition, my current allurements are a result from a blocked Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra, Vishuddha (the 5th Chakra) deals with our speech, and our creative being, our self expression our very ‘me-ness.’ Communication. The Throat Chakra is all about communication. What am I not communicating that I should be? I’m not sure….

This past year has not been a good one for me. It may very well be one of the worst I’ve ever had. It’s been filled with loss and more loss. Loss in a way I have never experienced before. Yet, life goes on. My life has gone on AND there has been a lot of good that’s happened in the last 12 months.

Since I turned 40…
my 40th year

I Participated with Baxter in ‘Bark for Life‘ for the 2nd year in a row
Got a matching Pac Man/Ms PacMan tattoo with Bobby
Participated in the Phoenixville Dogwood Festival and Parade
Skated in the Fourth of July Parade in Pottstown
Ran a Warrior Dash!
Saw Motley Crue
Started Freelancing Photography and Story Writing for Newspapers
Painted a Halloween Window in Pottstown with some of my Derby Team and we won
Was a runner chasing Zombie
Got my pretty Pixel Styx Catahula
Cut my hair into a purple Mohawk
Played my 3rd (2nd with PRDR) season of Roller Derby
Practiced with a Renegade (no rules, co-ed) Roller Derby Team

I pretty much have most things I have wanted. Generally, I am happy or pretend to be, hopefully, I’ll soon be on the mend. Fingers crossed that whatever I need to face, I’m able to.

Healing affirmations for Throat Chakra from Louise Hay
(check her out: , her affirmations are always perfect no matter what you need).
It’s ok to make noise.

I speak up for myself with ease.

I express my creativity.

I am willing to change.

Note:  I typed this in Open Office and wanted to save the file as today’s date and  No Voice.
When I was closing the document, the screen asked if I wanted to save before closing. I read the file name (021915_novice) as nov·ice I wonder it that has meaning.

Aura Photography post 2 of 2

March 13, 2012

On March 10, 2012, I had an Aura Photograph (Kirlian Photograph) taken by Joel Straup from Star Light Angels  at Thrive Yoga and Health Consulting.  I was anxious to compare my photo with one that was taken in March  2008.  The two photos couldn’t have been more different.  In 2008 My aura showed as mostly red with a bit of purple and a hint of white.  The image that I had taken on Saturday was virtually  rainbow of colors!

Yellow:  Teacher, Reader. Disciplined, an Intellectual, talent for Organization

Violet:  Spiritual in Nature, Mysterious, Intuitive, Imaginative, Has a very Creative mind & reticence.

Blue:  is truth, devotion, wisdom and calm.  Mind moves on a higher level

Red:  Over active, takes on challenges, mood swings

Orange:  Active Intelligence, very creative
Joel also said that I was still healing from an injury.  I nurtured many children in a past life, so I have need for children in this life.  He recommended I wear turquoise with many veins for healing and intuition.  Once again, I feel like my reading was pretty accurate.  I can’t wait to see what future Aura Photos hold.  If you have had Aura Photographs taken, please share your thoughts,

After my reading, I went to Kaleidoscope Angels to purchase some Turquoise Jewelry.

Click Here for Part one

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Aura Photography post 1 of 2

March 8, 2012

On March 8, 2008 I had an Aura Photograph (Kirlian Photograph) taken by Ackbar.  It was interesting and informative.  I had a red glow emanating from around my head, purple at the end over my crown and some white over my shoulder.

Physical Body: Who am I ? Why am I here? What is my Purpose?
-Re-evaluating belief system
-Choosing more respect for self
-Building Strength for change

Knowing the truth in all things
– Cosmic Consciousness/Self Service
Precognition (Enhances artistic talents, inspiration, creativity, ideas, passion to complete)
-Old soul teaching others

WHITE (Shoulder)
-Stress, worry, living in the past
-People and events pulling on the energy field no more!
-Setting boundaries to honor yourself

At the time I remember feeling like the readout was right on with how I was feeling.  I needed a change, I was in a rut and kind of unhappy.  I am definitely happier and  calmer at the present.  I’m having a new Aura Photograph taken this Saturday, March 10, 2012 at Thrive Yoga and Health Consulting.  I can’t wait to compare the two and see if there are major differences in my aura.


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Heart Chakra Opening Yoga Practice 2

February 14, 2011

Layback to Center

Warm Up:
Neck Rolls, Side to Side
Active Bridge Pose
Knees to Chest
Spinal Rolls to Sit
Reverse Table
Seated Forward Fold
Thread the Needle
Down Dog
Rag Doll
Mountain Pose

Flow and Standing Asanas:
Recenter, Repeat Mantra
Come to the top of your mat
*Beginning Sun Salutation A to Down Dog
Modified Side Plank, Right Knee Down
Down Dog
Modified Side Plank (Left)
Down Dog
Feet to Hands
Look up, flat back
Fold Forward
Reverse Swan dive to Mountain Pose
Repeat from * Replacing Modified Plank With Plank Bow Pose on each side
Dancers Pose Forward Fold Modification (both sides)
Mountain (top of mat)

Back Down to the Mat:
Beginning sun sal. To belly
Superman Pose
Child’s Pose
Bow Pose
Wide Leg Child’s Pose
Thread the Needle modification with back leg raised, hold foot with hand (both sides)
Child’s Pose
Roll Up
Yin Tripod (both sides)
Reverse Plank
Roll to mat
Bridge or Wheel
Knees to chest

Savasana- repeat mantra

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Open & Heal your Heart Chakra with Yoga

February 14, 2011

Saint Valentine’s Day (February 14) is a day to honor Love.  Opening and Healing your Heart Chakra is an excellent way to celebrate.

The Heart Chakra (Anahata) is the Fourth Chakra and is located in the center of the Chest at Heart Level.   The Heart Chakra is where feelings of Love, Joy, Honesty and Compassion emanates from.  It’s how we connect to others. “I Love.”

Color: Green (Symbolizes: Health and Creativity, Harmony and   Abundance in Nature.)
Metal: Copper
Sense: Touch
Stones: Emerald, Jade, Peridot
Sound: YAM
Foods: Vegetables, Green Teas
Animals: Antelope, Birds, Doves
Image: 12-Pointed Circular Lotus Flower with the Star of David (2 intersecting triangles) in the Center
Deity: Ishana Rudra Shiva
Mantra: “My Heart is filled with Love” or “Hum Dum Har Har (We the universe, God, God)
Mudra to open the Heart Chakra:
Place your left hand on your left knee, palm down, index finger and thumb touching (like the ‘ok’ hand symbol).
Bring your right hand to heart center (Anahata Chakra) palm to body.  Join index finger and thumb (like the ‘ok’ hand symbol).

If your Heart Chakra is out of Balance or blocked, you may experience:
Relationship Challenges, No Self Discipline, Grief, Distrust, Despair, Depression, Heartbreak, Hate, Envy, Heart Issues, Circulatory Problems, Asthma, Lung &/or Breast cancers, Upper Back, Shoulder Problems, Pneumonia…

Yoga to Open and Unblock the Heart Chakra

Begin your Heart Chakra Yoga Practice with a few minutes of Centering.

Come to a seated Position.
Bring hands to Mudra to open the Heart Chakra (see above)

When you are ready, Begin to bring your attention to your Heart Chakra.  Concentrate your attention to your Chest Center.
Feel your Heart Chakra glow a deep healing green light.
Begin to chant ‘YAM (y-aaaaaaaa-mmmmm).

Visualize your Green Light expand and travel through your entire body.

Set an Intention for your practice, perhaps “My Heart is filled with Love

Choose your Yoga Practice by clicking below:

Heart Chakra Opening Yoga Practice 1

Heart Chakra Opening Practice 2

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Heart Chakra Opening Yoga Practice 1

February 14, 2011

(After Centering)

Begin in a Seated position

Warm Up:
Neck Rolls
Seated Twist
Switch cross of Legs
Rainbow Side Stretch
Chest Expansion
Child’s Pose
Down Dog
Rag Doll
Mountain Pose

Flow & Standing Asanas:
Recenter, Repeat Mantra
Come to the top of the mat

Begin Sun Salutation B to Down Dog
*Right Leg forward in a lunge
Peaceful Warrior
Warrior II
Reverse Warrior
Warrior I
(View Warrior Poses HERE)
Half Moon Balance (Modification:  Hold Left Foot with Left Hand)
Warrior II
Down Dog
Repeat from * with Left Leg
Feet to Hands
Look up, flat back
Fold Forward
Reverse Swan dive to Mountain Pose
Back Down to the Mat:
Sun Salutation to Belly
Up Dog
Child’s Pose
Down Dog
One Legged King Pigeon-Right Leg  (half pigeon, back leg bent, hold foot with hands)
Down Dog
One Legged King Pigeon –Left Leg
Wide Knee Child’s Pose
Roll to Sit
Fish Pose
Knees to Chest
Bridge or Wheel
Happy Baby

Savasana-repeat mantra

Click HERE for Heart Chakra Opening Yoga Practice 2

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