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Nervous about beginning a Meditation Practice?

March 5, 2013

BreatheI have a high-strung friend who messaged me recently. He was looking for ways to relax and let go.

He, like a lot of people find the thought of MEDITATING intimidating, but actually, most people are doing mini meditations all the time.

Think about when you are angry, do you count to ten? – meditation.
Do you count sheep to take your mid off of things so you can sleep? – meditation
Maybe you take a walk or ride a bike, these things can also be meditative

There is no reason to be scared, meditation is for everyone. Anyone can do it.

I started him off with one of my favorite meditations:  Easy Self Guided Bareh Count Down Meditation.

I do this one constantly. It’s easy to remember and simple enough to do it anywhere, anytime.

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Dhyana-Perfect Contemplation
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Beware the Ides of March Yoga Themes and Corpse Pose

March 15, 2011

There is so much going on in March, and lots of fun Yoga tie-ins.
March comes in like a lion…(Click Here for Lion Yoga Post)
March 2nd is Dr Seuss’ Birthday…(Click Here for Seuss Yoga)
March is National Woman’s History Month…(Celebrate your inner Goddess Post Here)
Lent Began on March 9…(Fasting, Abstinence and Yoga Post Here)
Yesterday was Pi Day…(Pi day….1/2 Circle Yoga Pose Post Here)

…and that brings us to today:
The Ides of March

Lets spend some extra time in Corpse Pose – Savasana!

Lay down on your back in any comfortable Dead Man’s Pose

Legs Extended, allow the feet to fall out to the sides
(Knees Bent, Feet on the floor if that is better for your back)
Arms are at your sides, hands lower than your heart
Palms Facing up in a gesture that is open and receptive
Press into your elbows and tuck your shoulder blades under
Tip Your chin so your spine is nice and long
Settle in, close your eyes (try an eye pillow to allow sense withdraw)
Make any adjustments you need to allow you to relax and release into the pose
(you can cover yourself with a blanket, put on socks or a sweatshirt)
Begin to Focus on your Breath
Breathing in and out through your nose
Allowing your Belly, Ribs & Chest Expand on the inhale
Allow your Chest, Ribs & Belly to relax on the exhale
Focus on your Breath, Breathing in and out.

If you like you can do a Guided Meditation, or try a Self Guided Relaxation.

Here’s an easy Relaxation Exercise:

Inhale, and as you exhale relax and release into the floor while mentally thinking the number 12.

Take another slow full deep breath in, exhale, relax and release a litter further, mentally thinking 11.

Continue on in this way, focusing on your breath, mentally counting backwards, and relaxing and releasing with each breath out.

If you find that you reach Zero and your mind or body is still racing, simply begin again at 12.


March 17, Saint Patrick’s Day…(Post Coming soon)
March 19, 2011 is a ‘Supermoon‘….(Celebrate with Chandra Namaskar)
March 20 is the Vernal Equinox(Yoga for Balance)

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Yoga Terms Sheet

September 25, 2009

NAMASTE – “I bow to the divine in you”. Namaste is a traditional Indian greeting of respect and thank you, with spiritual and symbol meaning. This is done with your palms pressed together in the middle of your forehead (third eye) or at your heart, and lightly bow your head and shoulders.

“The light and love in me honors the light and love in you”

SHANTI– peace or tranquility in Sanskrit. This inner peace is chanted to prevent curses and bad karma. Often, this is repeated three times after a prayer in order to achieve spiritual serenity.

ASANAS-Yoga Postures.  Asanas are gentle stretching movements designed to help balance the mind and body.

DRISHTI – focus of the eyes

HATHA YOGA – most popular branch of Yoga and from which a lot of the Styles of Yoga originated including Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.

VINYASA – one of the Principles of Ashtanga Yoga. Vinyasa, which means breathing and movement, is for internal cleansing.

UJJAYI – Loud Breathing, this involves drawing air in through both nostrils with the glottis held partially closed. Ujjayi is translated as “what clears the throat and masters the chest area.

PRANAYAMA – Yoga Breathing or Breathing Exercise, Pranayama is one of the Five Principles of Yoga which promotes proper breathing.

PRANA – Life energy, life force, or life current. The Chinese call this life force chi.

OM – or “aum”, a single-sound mantra that signifies the unification of the body, mind and spirit. This is an ancient Indian chant where the whole world was created and radiates. Om is also the vibration symbolizing Brahman. It was said that enlightenment and unification with the Supreme Being can be attained through this natural sound.

MUDRA – symbolic gesture transmitting or redirecting energy in yoga or meditation. This can be a whole-body gesture or a hand gesture, like pressing your palms together.

MEDITATION – This is one of the Five Principles of Yoga. It is the practice by which there is constant observation of the mind. It requires you to focus your mind at one point and stilling the mind in order to perceive the self.

MANTRA – A sacred mystic syllable, word or verse used in meditation and japa to quiet the mind, balance the inner body and attain other desired aims.

CHAKRA – Sanskrit for “wheels.” A center of radiating life force or energy that is located between the base of the spinal column and the crown of the head. There are seven chakras.

TADASANA – Mountain Pose

SANKALPA– resolve, determination, good intention