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My journey to stop shampooing, Log: Days 25-32

August 10, 2011

August 1, 2011 began the no shampoo/conditioner treatment.  I will be spending the month of August just using water to clean my hair*.  The past couple of days I have definitely noticed the difference my hair is staring to be greasy near the scalp.

*Excerpt from Stop Shampooing Process:  Your hair may get greasy for awhile, but don’t panic.  This will pass.  Shampoo dries the hair and strips it of natural oil, so your body produces more oil to compensate. It can take up to a month of no shampoo, for your scalp to produce a normal amount of oil.

Looking at these images all lined up, I can really see the diminishing frizz, at least in the areas closest to my scalp.
Maybe this is working and September will begin a time of being completely free of commercial hair products! 😀
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