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My journey to stop shampooing

July 8, 2011

I decided to take make my hair care routine Green…

My hair is wild, crazy and frizzy.  Nothing sees to help, plus I’m super lazy and nonchalant about the whole thing.  I only air dry my super thick hair, and use minimal products.

The idea of forgoing traditional shampoo and conditioner and returning my hair appeals to me on so many levels:
1.  It’s cheap
2.  It’s easy
3.  It’s better for the environment
4.  It’s healthier
5.  I can wear hats to work if things go horribly wrong for awhile
6.  Today is very hot and very humid, so my hair is very frizzy.
7.  I have nothing to loose

I bought the items needed, and today I am going to mix up a batch of my new shampoo and conditioner.

Here’s what you need:

  • Baking soda (I got the least expensive at the store)
  • Apple cider vinegar (I got the cheapest they had)
  • Containers for the mixture (I’m trying a spray bottle from the dollar store for the vinegar & a plastic container for the baking soda)
  • Water (from my sink)

How you do it:
To make the shampoo, add water to baking soda until the mixture is gooey.
Store in a container, no need to refrigerate.

To make the conditioner, 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar to 1 cup of water.
Store in a container, no need to refrigerate.

The process:
Wet hair
Massage baking soda mixture into your hair, starting at the scalp.
Let this sit for one minute, then rinse well.

Rub vinegar mixture into hair comb through
Rinse well.

Use the baking soda and vinegar for two weeks.
Too much frizz?  Use less baking soda
Too greasy?  Use less vinegar

After two (or more) weeks:
Switch to just water
Massage your scalp under runing water
(if going from baking soda to nothing is too scary, go slow and tapper off the baking soda)

Your hair may get greasy for awhile, but don’t panic.  This will pass.
Shampoo dries the hair and strips it of natural oil, so your body produces more oil to compensate. It can take up to a month of no shampoo, for your scalp to produce a normal amount of oil.

Refrain from using any styling products during this time, so your hair can find it’s natural balance.

Brush your hair regularly and clean your brush.

When your hair is normal and seems to have completed the detoxing process, go back to the baking soda and vinegar mixture once a week. Find what works for you. You can increase to biweekly or decrease to once every ten days if that works best for your hair type.

You shouldn’t need styling products anymore!

I’m hoping to document my process. If you give it s try, share your results.
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