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Heart Chakra Opening Yoga Practice 2

February 14, 2011

Layback to Center

Warm Up:
Neck Rolls, Side to Side
Active Bridge Pose
Knees to Chest
Spinal Rolls to Sit
Reverse Table
Seated Forward Fold
Thread the Needle
Down Dog
Rag Doll
Mountain Pose

Flow and Standing Asanas:
Recenter, Repeat Mantra
Come to the top of your mat
*Beginning Sun Salutation A to Down Dog
Modified Side Plank, Right Knee Down
Down Dog
Modified Side Plank (Left)
Down Dog
Feet to Hands
Look up, flat back
Fold Forward
Reverse Swan dive to Mountain Pose
Repeat from * Replacing Modified Plank With Plank Bow Pose on each side
Dancers Pose Forward Fold Modification (both sides)
Mountain (top of mat)

Back Down to the Mat:
Beginning sun sal. To belly
Superman Pose
Child’s Pose
Bow Pose
Wide Leg Child’s Pose
Thread the Needle modification with back leg raised, hold foot with hand (both sides)
Child’s Pose
Roll Up
Yin Tripod (both sides)
Reverse Plank
Roll to mat
Bridge or Wheel
Knees to chest

Savasana- repeat mantra

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