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My journey to stop shampooing, Update: 1

September 22, 2011

My journey began on 07.07.11….

August 31 was my last day of the month without any hair products.  I could have gone back to the Baking Soda/Vinegar combo whenever needed for September.  I ‘washed’ my hair for the first time since July on September 2, 2011.  I decided to get some hair feathers to celebrate my completion of this hair detox process.

I really recommend trying this- See the Stop Shampooing Process

Last Day of my month of no hair Products (including no Baking soda/apple cider vinegar).
YES, that is a Banana Clip in my hair!








My First Baking Soda/vinegar treatment:






My Feathers from Salon Flo:









I was super excited to not need traditional hair products again.  My hair has always been a frizzy mess.  Sadly, my hair is still out of control and frizzy.  I did the ‘shampoo/conditioner’ treatment on September 2, 2011 and I only used water since then, but my hair is still frizzy.  Today, (September 22, 2011) I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I used the baking soda and apple cider vinegar, but I also used oil in my wet hair.  My plan is to try jojoba oil, but I think I will need to purchase it online.  I haven’t found it anywhere local.  I got some Herbal Oil, and tried it today.  Fingers crossed.  I do plan on continuing with the baking soda and vinegar.


See the Stop Shampooing Process
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