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March is National Women’s History Month: Celebrate your inner Goddess!

March 3, 2011

Wellbehaved women rarely make history(Laurel Thatcher Ulrich)

March is National Woman’s History Month.

Celebrate your inner Goddess!

Goddess Pose ( Utkata Konasana, Fierce Angle Pose, Victory Squat, Horse) tones the lower body and opens the hips and chest.  Strong and powerful, Goddess brings inner and outer strength.

I like to begin in Five Pointed Star Pose:
Five Pointed Star Pose is usually a transition pose, but done correctly, it brings your spine into alignment, it opens your chest, energizes and lengthens your entire body.

Begin with a nice wide stance (about 3 feet).  Toes pointed to the corners of the room

Raise arms up to shoulder height (parallel to the floor), stretching your arms in opposite directions.

Shoulders are down and back.  Head is level.  Tuck your tailbone under. Actively stretch your arms in opposite directions.  Your legs are straight, but avoid locking your knees.

Actively stretch in five directions:
Press both feet into the mat, keep your torso nice and tall,
Reach through both arms and fingers
Extend through the top of your head.

Drishti (eye gaze) is straight ahead.
Breath! Hold for several Breaths.

Goddess Pose:
Begin in Five Pointed Star

Raise arms into the air in a ‘V’ shape.  Upper arms next to your ears.

Lower arms: upper arms parallel to the floor, elbows to shoulder height & palms facing front
Bend your knees and lower hips into a tall, wide squat. Lower your thighs parallel to the floor.

Pull your knees back, and adjust your stance so that your knees and ankles stay in alignment.

Take a few, slow deep breaths.

Channel your Inner Goddess, You are Strong Confident and Powerful.  You have all the Answers.

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